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Whether it is a fender-bender or a collision, being involved in an accident is likely to leave your car defaced or unusable. Whenever this happens, you need a body shop that will ensure you are swiftly reunited with your vehicle in its most pristine condition. If you live in or around Dallas, only one body shop guarantees you are back on the road as soon as possible.

Affordable Auto Collision Repair in Dallas, TX

If you are looking for a reputable body shop in Dallas, look further than Planet Ford in Dallas, TX. We pride ourselves on the latest technology, certified automotive experts, original parts, and unmatched convenience. As the recipient of the Ford Motor Company President Award on multiple occasions, we place a high premium on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

At Planet Ford Dallas Love Field body shop, our team of car body experts is here to minimize the disruptions that auto bodywork can bring. Whether they are just minor scratches, chipped paint, or significant collision dents, we got you covered. Just fill out the form below to take advantage of our range of services and get you moving again. You can also give us a call at (833) 819-5040.

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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Many instances can leave your car with an ugly dent. While some of them may seem harmless, they can lead to more damage and high repair costs down the road. Drop by at Planet Ford Dallas for a no-filler and no-sanding paintless dent removal procedure. Our experts will use various tools and ingenuity to restore your ride, giving it that fantastic look again. Our PDR job is not only easy on your pocket but also long-lasting, so you don’t have to repeat the same job over and over again.

Auto Body Painting

Some dents are too extensive for PDR. Don’t fret, as Planet Ford Dallas has all the tools and experts to give your car a complete exterior makeover. Whether you want to protect your old car’s exterior or you need to make it look good, Planet Ford Dallas is your one-stop-shop for auto body painting.

Our experts will sand down your car to the bare metal, apply a corrosion-resistant primer, sand it down once more, and spray several layers of paint. We have you covered if you want your car to have a custom exterior appearance, such as flames or fades. Our state-of-the-art paint-matching technology sifts through thousands of colors and textures to find the perfect auto paint for your car.

Window and Windshield Repairs

Damage to the window and windshield is one of your car’s most common issues. Damage may be caused by various factors such as collisions, a dust storm, or a hailstorm. Your car windows are your eyes to the outside world, so they need to be kept in good condition for proper visibility and safety. Our auto glass experts will examine and recommend the right solution whenever your car windows or windshield are scratched or broken.

Sometimes, just repairing the window would be alright, but most of the time, the best solution may involve replacing the lot to restore the beauty of your machine. Whatever the solution, we are here for you.

Computerized Frame Alignment

When you are involved in an accident, including fender benders, your car’s frame may sustain damage. Frame damage leads to your vehicle tracking unevenly and the car tires wearing out prematurely. Driving a vehicle with a weakened frame may also be unsafe for you, especially in future accidents.

At Planet Ford Dallas Body Shop, we take all the steps to examine your car frame visually for any signs of damage. Once we notice any damage, our car body experts will then fit your car to a frame alignment machine and straighten the frame until it’s restored to factory specifications.

Car Detailing

Do you want your car to look good? Try our car detailing service at Planet Ford Dallas. Car detailing is a type of body repair that has little to do with the health of your car, but has everything to do with aesthetics. Car detailing involves activities like polishing the taillights to enhance the feel-good factor of your car. Detailing also enhances your car’s resale value, so if you are planning to dispose of your current ride, expertly done detailing may just throw in a few dollars to its value.

Bumper Replacements

Your car bumpers enhance the look of your car a great deal. Unfortunately, bumpers are among the first casualties during an accident, even during minor brush-offs with a wall or another car. Whether the bumpers need just a simple repair, reshaping, or a total overhaul, our experts will sort you fast.

Towing Service

When you are grounded in the middle of nowhere, a convenient towing service feels godsend. If you are involved in a fender bender in and around Dallas, we at Planet Ford Dallas are on standby to tow your car off the road to wherever you need it to be.

Valet Service

Some repairs take time because of their complexity, but we understand your errands may not wait. To ensure your errands continue uninterrupted, sample our valet service that includes a replacement car, pickup, and delivery of your car. Contact our body shop to find out more about our valet service.

Auto Collision Repair Estimates

After involvement in a serious auto accident, the last thing you need is the stress of dealing with your insurance company regarding your car repairs. Make your life easier and choose a body shop with the expertise to handle insurance dealings. At Planet Ford Dallas Body Shop, our cost estimating process is quick and efficient, and our collision center works with most insurance companies to move your claim through the red tape.